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From the A-Alikes' Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/aalikes): Ness and K linked in Tallahassee in the late nineties, and it was there that they connected with their People Army/R.B.G. comrades stic.man and M1 of dead prez and Tahir and Abu of Hedrush. Like their comrades, they traveled from FL to NY and began a career alongside their struggle- as of late they announce their last album will be "Us against them". Still they remain a good example of mixing street & political styles and aren't afraid to rhyme over hot beats. People's Army or R.B.G.z, (the larger collective they would later be known as) ...A seed was planted in those early days in Southside Tallahassee, Florida. The crew grew organically, knowing that the delicate balance between the streets and revolutionary philosophy would be one that they'd be perfecting for a lifetime. Their releases: (Baby J presents Birth) (2xLP) For My Army, Walk With a bop 1998 Unsigned hype Mixtape (1999?) We Got Room (Promo) 2003 Live or die (2004) F.T.P. (12") (2004) Live Or Die (2004) Guerrilla Nation: vol. 1 (2005?) Kill The Middleman (2005) I Eat You Eat (2006) The Hustler and the Hunted, pt. 2 (2007) The ballot or the bullet EP (2008) The Hustler and the Hunted, pt. 3 (2009) (several singles done in 2009-2010) Us against Them (2013) (a few tracks inbetween, singles, working on a list as of 4/2011)

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