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A Band Called Quinn (aka Quinn - is a band from Glasgow, Scotland, by Louise Quinn (songwriting & vocals) & Bal Cooke (production & drums). Other members are: Robert Henderson & Steven Westwater. They have worked with Kid Loco (produced Luss, their 2nd album), Alex Kapranos (played on their début, Inbetween Worlds), The Pastels (who's releases Bal's produced / engineered) & Bill Wells. Their music has been used in films, by award-winning directors David McKenzie & Penny Woolcock. Their most recent album, The Beggar's Opera features songs from award winning theatre company Vanishing Point's show in which the band toured late 2009 & has sleevenotes written by Scottish crimewriter Ian Rankin. “Phenomonal” (Ian Rankin) "A pop-art treat " (Q) "Our favourite Glaswegian music makers" (The Herald) "...excellent electro stompers..." (Guardian Guide) http://www.facebook.com/abandcalledquinn Sites: YouTube channel & http://www.abandcalledquinn.com (official).

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