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A Beautiful Lotus (also known as ABL) is a cybergrind-gabber band from Donna, Texas, United States formed in 2002 when PHILotus [Phil] "decided to start writing beats on his own". He wanted to create a sound that would be "completely out of this world". Albums - "Oh, What a time for Midigrind" - "25 Ways to Pick Up chicks." - "Collection of Dust" - With the release of the new cd "Tales Of Lust And Revenge" A BEAUTIFUL LOTUS brings you a new kick to the face. -A BEAUTIFUL LOTUS has also released severel splits independently with the likes of: Anally Aborted Fetus, 120% Says Your Going To Explode, Here Comes The Gut Wagon, The Shock Deformity And Amputee, Scissor Shock, The Pikachu Death Ray Explosion, Grim Kirby, and has appeared on a variety of compilations..

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