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Melbourne, Australia 1999-2002 A Beautiful Machine began somewhere in Melbourne Australia, as a sonic side project of musician Skye Klein, who is also an active member in other bands such as the sludge noise project HALO, the glitchy dub electro project Terminal Sound System, dub project tether, and ambient project Siilt. While all three projects have their own destinct sound, A beautiful machine sonic exploration adds yet another notch in space-rocks peak at the turn of the century. The year 2000 seems to be Klein’s most productive year, since a majority of A beautiful machines releases were conceived and published on Embryo Recordings website. Shortly after Solar Winds, white noise, anti-gravity, A beautiful machine released their (at present) final album in 2002; The EP called Another Time. It was shortly after 2002 that the peak of global space-rock dwindled, along with A beautiful machine and their respective peers. Many of A beautiful machines albums are avaliable on Embryo Recordings website. http://www.embryo.antisound.net Discography 2000 - A Beautiful Machine July 2000 - Solar Winds, White Noise, Anti-gravity 2000 - Solar Variants October 2000 - Home 2002 - Another Time EP

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