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A Blaze Colour was the project of Ludo Camberlin (vocals & synths) and Bam aka Karel Saelemaekers (synths & visuals). Bart Azijn is often credited as being a member, but was only inlolved insomuch as he provided lyrics for some of the songs. They formed in Belgium in 1981 and disbanded in 1983. Their only releases were a demo cassette in 1981, plus a 7inch vinyl single and a 12inch vinyl EP in 1982. All three of these releases were titled Against The Dark Trees Beyond, which would seem to have been part of the band's name from the start. Their style was minimal, stripped-down and occasionally experimental. Three other tracks were released on different Various Artists compilations - the original version of "Fisk" on No Big Business in 1981, "Cold As Ever" on Hours in 1982, and "The Ultimate Fight" on No Big Business 2 in 1983. A remix of "Cold As Ever" was also included on the collection The Dark Side Mixes - Volume 14 in 2011. There also exists a bootleg tape of a live performance in the Netherlands on the 19th of February 1983, featuring six songs - two of which do not appear on any of their other releases. None of the official releases are known to have charted in any country. Ludo Camberlin is the nom-de-plume of Carl S. Johansen, who moved on to produce many other Belgian artists including Neon Judgement, The Arch, Aroma Di Amore, à;Grumh, Aimless Device, Minimal Man, Attrition, The Weathermen, Vomito Negro, Company Of State, and Poesie Noire's 1989 album Love Is Colder Than Death. When his record label (Anything But Records) folded he worked for Praga Khan and Lords Of Acid until just a few years ago. He has now completely retired from the music business, and no longer has any interest in it. Bart Azijn moved on to form the Belgian electro new wave band Aimless Device. There is a Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/ablazecolour which has pics and links to videos of every song recorded.

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