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A-bomb biography

Please go to www.xplosive.us to get A-Bomb music and news!! A-Bomb was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He started writing music since he was 12 years old. In 2002, A-Bomb started recording material in his home studio and worked with other artists to make his first demo a success. In 2004, A-Bomb was offered a recording contract with Jet Speed Records, an Indie label from Los Angeles. He was also offered a production deal with Black Rose Productions. He declined both offers because they were not lucrative. In 2006, A-Bomb released his debut album "A-Bombination". He worked with Lava Room Recordings. Producers Brandon Bishop and Mike Brown helped make a solid album in his debut. Brown, is most known for producing Bone Thugs N Harmony, Crossfade, Garbage, Velvet Revolver and other well known acts. Bishop also has worked with well know artist such as Ray Cash, Young Dro, Johnny Wright "Diddy's producer," and others. A-Bomb first released his first single " Dance". "Dance" which features an up tempo beat and a mix of Dance and Hip Hop. He also released "Why," which is a slower laid back feel. A-Bomb finished the music video for "Why" in the Fall of 2006 with New Beginnings Productions. The song "Why" was a hit with New Beginnings and several radio stations. In the beginning of 2007, the music video was submitted to different music television stations and was entered into other music contests."Why" was featured on the national contest Music Nation. And had a world ranking of 43rd in the world. In 2007, A-Bomb took his music to the next level by building his own music promotion and production company "Xplosive Music Entertainment". Based out of Cleveland, Ohio it has already has gained local and national attention.He teamed up with Kabrobian Records and Brain Damage Incorporated to help with recording and production. With Xplosive Music Entertainment, A-Bomb has worked with many local and national artists. He has helped promote many concerts and music showcases in Northeastern Ohio. In May of 2008 A-Bomb released his first single "Love Ya More" off his highly anticipated album "The Masterpiece".The song features R&B talent Constance Silver. Recognitions/Awards: -Music Video "Why" had a world ranking of 43 on Music Nation. -Music Video "Why" played on WTV Cleveland access televison. -"Why" played on several college radio stations in the Cleveland and Akron area. Label Info: -C.E.O. of Xplosive Music Entertainment LLC

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