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Throughout a band’s career, adversity is to be expected. However, few bands experience the trials and tribulations A CITY SERENE has faced. After a promising start to their career, A CITY SERENE was derailed by a tragic car accident on their first tour, one that left the state of the band in shambles. Shaking off their maladies—including a coma—vocalist Carly Baker and guitarist Kris Renfro persevered... refusing to accept defeat. Born anew with the installation of Nick DiTomaso (Synthesizer/Vocals), Kai Taylor (Drums), Angel Saldivar (Bass) and Angel Garcia (Guitar), A CITY SERENE is back and better than ever with their newest EP "THE WIDOWS WALK". "THE WIDOWS WALK" demonstrates the band taking their brand of post-hardcore to new heights, using all the tools in their arsenal to construct an impressive compilation of mosh pit anthems and infectious sing alongs. Though a part of an oversaturated scene, A CITY SERENE offers more than the countless derivatives in the post-hardcore genre. "THE WIDOWS WALK" features a diverse sonic palette, from catchy pop-inspired choruses to heavy dubstep infused breakdowns. Baker’s smooth and angelic vocals juxtapose DiTomaso’s blood-curdling screams well, keeping the tracks cohesive and engaging. Ultimately, "THE WIDOWS WALK" is a bone-shattering EP that should satisfy any post-hardcore fix. Don’t call it a comeback. They’re only finishing what they started For fans of: A Skylit Drive, Attack Attack!, Chiodos, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Eyes Set To Kill, Hawthorne Heights, I See Stars, Oceana, Of Machines, Our Last Night and Silverstein.

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