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Based in Phoenix AZ, "A DARK HALO" is a high-tech metal outfit founded by Dave Lowmiller and Christopher M. Jones. With ADH, Dave and Christopher are creating a new breed of heavy music aimed at breaking down genre barriers and raising listener expectations. Incorporating elements of American and European metal styles, industrial and gothic electronica, and a dose of Hollywood style orchestral arrangement, A DARK HALO’s sound is truly unique. However, Dave and Christopher have always written material with listener accessibility in mind. ADH has been so successful in creating appealing metal music, that they were approached in 2005 by THQ to have their music played in a wrestling videogame. “Burn It All” and “Beyond Recall” are both featured in “WWE Day Of Reckoning 2” for Nintendo Gamecube. Since the game’s release, A DARK HALO has seen their internet traffic increase exponentially. Up until this point, A DARK HALO has been completely based in the studio. However, with the increased interest in the band, they have begun the planning phase of a live tour featuring drummer Jim McAllister and guitarist Justin Corey. The band hopes to announce tour dates in early 2006. Until then, ADH will remain focused on completing their first full length album and finding an avenue for its distribution. -From the Bio section of http://www.adarkhalo.com/

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