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In the late year 2008, after a long period of jam sessions, songwriting and other experimental projects six guys established a band called A DIARY ENTRY. Only months after their foundation and after countless shows with bands such as HIS STATUE FALLS (Redfield Records), DEADLOCK (Lifeforce Records), AVERTINE, SHAKE THE PAGODA TREE and many more, they managed to develop their own individual Post-Hardcore style. A DIARY ENTRY combine powerful shouts and mosh parts with happy choruses which you would usually expect to hear in pop music. Performing live week after week shedding blood, sweat and tears, they always do their best to make sure everyone in the audience can feel the energy and emotion they put into their music. During the year 2010 they spent a lot of time at THINK AUDIO RECORDINGS studios to record their DEBUT-EP RAINBOW WASHOUT. Taking a closer look at the title it’s easy to see they want to prove the level of maturity their music has finally reached. In the future the sestet wants to play as many shows as possible to spread their message everywhere.

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