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A Different Breed of Killer is a deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. A DIFFERENT BREED OF KILLER, named after description given to Jack the Ripper by the inspector Frederick Abberline character portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie 'From Hell', is a Knoxville, Tennessee based Deathmetal band forged during October 2006. The group's first foray into the recording studio resulted in the 2007 two track 'Soundlair' demos. At this juncture A DIFFERENT BREED OF KILLER sported two lead vocalists. However, in late 2007 band members bassist Kyle McNulty and singer Patrick Hamilton exited. Nija Walker and Louie Thal were newly inducted and the band decided on persevering with one singer, Jesse Mainor. Signing to Rise Records, the band recorded the April 2008 conceptual album 'I, Colossus' with producer Jamie King at Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Phil Bozeman, from WHITECHAPEL, acted as guest vocalist on the song 'The Cleansing Apparatus'. The album artwork was executed by Chris Rubey from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. A DIFFERENT BREED OF KILLER was awarded high ratings and reviews on their debut album "I, Colossus", which is a concept album centered around a fictional story written by Walker about a beastly result of a genetic experiment gone wrong. The creature spends 20 years in solitude before emerging to destroy his captors and eventually, the world. The album received national press in magazines like METAL EDGE and OUTBURN and online at ABOUT.COM and PUREGRAINAUDIO.COM among others. National touring across the USA saw A DIFFERENT BREED OF KILLER sharing stages with CARNIFEX, WITH BLOOD COMES CLEANSING, IMPENDING DOOM, WHITECHAPEL, MEANS, OCEANA, FOR TODAY, ONCE NOTHING and THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD prior to taking a small break to write and record a new album in 2012. "These guys blew my mind the first time I listened. Halfway through the first song I was messaging them about a record deal. I'm very excited to work with these guys and I think they will turn heads in 2008 when the debut record drops." -Craig Ericson of Rise Records "A new breed of metal is on the rise. Fusing the brutality of modern death metal with melodic hooks that don't leave your mind. A Different Breed of Killer puts a refreshing spin on a genre that is growing stale. Formed in October of 2006, they have quickly made a name for themselves in the metal scene in less than a year, and their popularity continues to climb. With a sound that is crushingly heavy, yet at the same time catchy and captivating, A Different Breed of Killer will soon be on the tongues of everyone." -Alex Wade of Whitechapel

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