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With the combination of an eclectic mix of genres and a powerful live performance, A Fragile Tomorrow is a group that knows no musical boundaries. The truth in this statement shines through on the band’s forthcoming sophomore effort, the appropriately titled Beautiful Noise. The group was formed in 2003 by three brothers who share a deep passion for music. They released their debut album Wishful Thinking in 2006, and around the time of this album’s release, the band became a four piece. Sean Kelly (vocals, guitar, mandolin, lap steel, keys), Dominic Kelly (drums, vocals, keys), Brendan Kelly (guitar), and Shaun Rhoades (bass, keys, vocals), recorded their latest album in Kingston, NY with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn. Beautiful Noise is stylistically diverse, with upbeat rock tunes like “How I Am” and “Days Are Numbered”, the honest and poignant “Love Just Isn’t for Me”, and the pop rock gem “Beautiful Noise”. The record also features a tribute to New Orleans, a song titled “Zydeco Girl”, which features members of New Orleans super group Continental Drifters. Peter Holsapple contributes accordion to the track, while Susan Cowsill sings harmonies and background vocals. With influences ranging from Hootie and the Blowfish to R.E.M., The Yardbirds to The Who, and Wilco to The Band, A Fragile Tomorrow has a tough time defining their genre. Sean Kelly explains, “I think the thing about us is that we’re not afraid of stepping outside of the box. We like to keep things new and exciting not only for the listener, but for us as the musicians.” Whatever the listener thinks, A Fragile Tomorrow is just glad people are taking the time to listen to and appreciate what they have to say. “A Fragile Tomorrow is a band that completely belies its youth. The songs of Sean Kelly are remarkable in their maturity, beauty and realization. They have the material along with a righteous work ethic and desire to succeed in music; I have no doubt that they will do just that.” -Peter Holsapple - The dB's/Continental Drifters

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