A-gear top 20 songs


A-gear biography

1. A-Gear. Doujin music circle. Website: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/a-gear_310kent/blomaga/ar382350 2. "A" for Alpha, "Gear" for the straight drill forward! A-Gear was born at Friday the 13th (!) of February 1987 as David Agier in Heidelberg (Germany). His father is originally from Kabul (Afghanistan) and his mother from Berlin (Germany). When his parents got divorced he, his mother & his new stepfather moved to "Muehlheim a.d.R." and later to "Kirchberg" - a village in the countryside. Here he went to school and met new friends. He came in touch with Dancehall & Reggae Music as a child already, but during the 90's he realized that only this music is giving him the energetic, powerful, forwarding vibes he loves. Before that he was already writing song-lyrics, but in 2001 he began writing english lyrics. Sametime he met people living their life righteous as Rastafarians. Rastafari soon influenced his livity as he did let go from several habits and grew himself locks. He began living vegetarian, positive and independent as a rebel. During the 8th/9th grade he met Daniel Kroehnert aka Dan Yell (www.myspace.com/theoriginaldanyell) and introduced him into the world of Dancehall & Reggae. In 2004 circa they and a few others grounded G'Hood which was later renamed in Redda Yard (you can find them here in www.myspace.com/reddayard). 2005 Redda Yard had only 2 of 4 members left: A-Gear & Dan Yell (read more on www.myspace.com/reddayard). A-Gear made his O-Level and began to study economy in a college. Soon he knew that all this economical thinking of only getting money to get more money, and more money (...) was not the way JAH wanted him to go. As the state pressured he did his civilian service. In this time he improved musically very strong. He linked up with people from the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Trinidad, Jamaica (...) and made a lot of connections all over the world. In 2006 A-Gear moved away from his parents to "Neustadt a.d.W." to finish his education in media. Now he's focused on his degree, his solo career as A-Gear, the Redda Yard Deevyzion and his way to Zion.

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