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A LiFe [DIVIDED] is: Jürgen Plangger (vocals) Mike Hofstätter (guitar) Tony Berger (guitar) Tobi Egger (bass) Korl Fuhrmann (drums) Erik Damköhler (keyboard/programming/guitar) HISTORY In the summer of 2002, from the depths of Munich’s dark-music scene came six talented young guys with the shared desire to make truly unique and quality music. In the beginning A_liFe [DIVIDED] developed from a progressive rock project of Tony and Erik's called Cydonian. In 2002 the singer quit the band and Jürgen, a friend of Erik’s, was quickly invited in. As the style of the new group changed so did the name, and A_liFe [DIVIDED] was born. With the deeply heart-felt lyrics, and Jürgen Plangger and Erik Damköhler’s characteristic songwriting, the band recorded their first album, Virtualized, in their own studio in their hometown of Geretsried. Two years they finally released their second album, Far, this time mastering it in an actual studio. In the summer of that year the guys went on tour as the opening act for Oomph!, getting the chance to be able to travel throughout Germany and reach audiences of thousands. Despite this fortunate opportunity, connections to various other German bands, and huge praise from the press and other artists (such as Alphaville, whose song “Sounds like a Melody” was covered on Virtualized), A_liFe [DIVIDED still has no record deal, having done everything thus far completely independently. Considering how far the group has already come on their own, there is no need to worry that some time in the near future A_liFe [DIVIDED] will get the recognition they deserve.

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