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A-peace biography

Apeace (에이피스), previously known as Double B 21, is a new South Korean idol group consisting of 21 members belonging to the agency Golden Goose Entertainment. So far, Apeace is the group with the most members in the korean entertainment industry. The members were chosen and produced by Kim Kyungwook, who is known for discovering and working with groups such as H.O.T, Shinhwa and DBSK. The group attracted attention with the hit Lover Boy and was scheduled to promote three sub-units of seven members each, debuting in Japan before Korea. Sub-units are called Lapis, Jade and Onyx. They have been causing a sensation in Japan, being mentioned in programs such as Sankei Sports and Kuraberu Kurabera. Besides that, Fuji TV made a show giving a special coverage regarding the boys' debut. After 30th of June 2014 six members(Yoo Dongho, Park Jaewon, Lee Taewoo, Moon Byunghun, Kim Doohee and Heo Changwoo) left Apeace and the group changed to 15 members. Also they changed the subgroups to Lapis5, Jade5 and Onyx5. Apeace had their Korean debut performance in DMZ Peace Concert the 16th of August 2014. The group will start promoting in Korea in 2015. Lapis5: Kim Wanchul (김완철) Min Jinhong (민진홍) Oh Sehyun (오세현) Jung Younguk (정영욱) Choi Sihyuk (최시혁) Jade5 Choi Youngwon (최영원) Kim Wonsik (김원식) Ha Geonhee (하건희) Hwang Doohwan (황두환) J.D (제이디) Onyx5: Ji Hyunsung (지현성) Song Seunghyuk (송승혁) Hong Sungho (홍성호) Kim Jinwoo (김진우) Yun Junsik (윤준식) Ex. members: Yoo Dongho (유동호) Park Jaewon (박재원) Son Yuchang (손유창) Lee Sungwoo (이성우) Moon Byunghun (문병훈) Lee Taewoo (이태우) Lee Myungeun (이명은) Jung Hoyong (정호영) Kim Doohee (김두희) Heo Changwoo (허창우) Kim Seunghyung (김승형) Kim Seunghwan (김승환)

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