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Apink (Korean: 에이핑크) is a six-member South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment; a sister company of Cube Entertainment. The groups consists of Park Cho Rong (박초롱), Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미), Jung Eun Ji (정은지), Son Na Eun (손나은), Kim Nam Joo (김남주) and Oh Ha Young (오하영). Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경) left the group in April 2013. They released their first mini album, "Seven Springs of Apink", on April 19 2011, and rose steadily in popularity. Their official debut was April 21, 2011 on M! Countdown. They were named "A Pink" because "A" stands for the girls always showing an "Amazing" performance while "Pink" is known to be the group's favorite color. Pre-debut The documentary A Pink News (aired on TrendE) first introduced A Pink to the public. The show chronicled the debut process of the members of A Pink. The first member revealed was Son Na Eun who used to be a trainee of A Cube Entertainment; she was then featured in B2ST's "Beautiful", "I Like You the Best" and "Soom" music videos. The second member revealed was the group's leader, Park Cho Rong; she was revealed through B2ST's "Shock" Japanese PV. On the morning of February 21st, A Cube Entertainment set up their own Twitter account and welcomed the maknae, Oh Ha Young as the third member of A Pink. Jung Eun Ji was the fourth member revealed through A Cube's Twitter singing "I Love You I Do" and was said to be the main vocalist of the group. The next was Hong Yoo Kyung wherein they revealed her playing the piano. And the last two were Yoon Bo Mi and Kim Nam Joo which were revealed through A Cube's Official Twitter account. The pilot episode of A Pink News was aired on March 11, 2011. Each episode was featured a different celebrity guest as its anchorman. Among the stars who presented the show will also be included: G.NA, Mario, MBLAQ's Seung Ho & G.O, B2ST, 4minute, 2AM's Jinwoon, Secret's Sunhwa & Hyosung. Before their debut the girls have been nicknamed ‘Elf Idols’, and the image has helped them in garnering contracts, like with jewelry brand “Cottiny“, and beverage brand “Ceylon Tea“. 2011: Debut, Seven Springs of Apink and Snow Pink On April 13, A Pink released their music video teaser for their debut album, Seven Springs of Apink (EP). Done under the concept of ’spring ladies’, the seven members expressed the different charms of the spring season and emphasized their innocent beauty. A Pink released EP Seven Springs of Apink (EP) and the Music Video for 몰라요 (I Don't Know) on 19 April 2011. The MV also stars B2ST's Lee Gi Kwang. A Pink made their first live debut stage through M.net's M! Countdown on April 21, 2011, to further promote the album. They had their first official fanmeet where it was revealed that their pseudo-official fanclub name is "Pink Panda". After a few weeks of promoting 몰라요 (I Don't Know), the girls promoted It Girl. Then, the group was chosen to sing 우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요 (Let Us Just Love) to a Korean series, "Protect The Boss" as its OST. On October 31, 2011 it was confirmed that A Pink would be star on a new show called Birth of a Family together with Infinite. The new show will document A Pink & Infinite taking care of abandoned animals for 8 weeks or so – until the animal is adopted by a new family. In addition, the show will also feature rare animals that are not commonly seen in the company of people. The first day of filming started on November 1st, and the first episode aired on November 12. A Pink released their second mini-album, Snow Pink, on November 22, 2011, featuring the lead single My My. The album featured five tracks, including Yeah and Prince. The music video teaser for My My was released on November 21, 2011. Promotions for My My began on November 25, 2011, on Music Bank. The lead single My My was particularly noted for having a sound reminiscent of girl groups of the early 2000s, such as S.E.S and FinKL. During their promotions for My My, the group opened up a one-day idol tea cafe, serving visiting fans to raise profits for charity and preparing food and drinks themselves. The members also auctioned off some of their personal items for charity. In November 29, A Pink were awarded the Best New Female Artist award at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, while labelmate Huh Gak went on to win the Best New Male Artist award. On December 26, 2011 A Pink released a song with B2ST called "Skinny Baby" and the song was a collaboration for the school uniform brand Skool Looks. The song itself showcases the strengths of both groups and has an addictive melody and rhythm. The track was written for them by Kim Taewan and Yoon Sangjo. 2012: Une Annee On January 5, 2012, the group won their very first music show award on Mnet's M! Countdown for My My. A Pink's Eunji and B2ST's Yoseob released the music video for their duet song Love Day on March 13. The full single, titled "A CUBE" FOR SEASON # GREEN, was released the next day. Eunji and Yoseob performed the song on the April 7 episode of MBC's Show! Music Core. The group performed at the Kool Haus in Toronto, Canada, to about 1,000-1,600 fans on March 21, 2012. On April 19, A Pink released 4월 19일 (April 19th) as a gift for their fans to celebrate their one year anniversary. The song was composed by Kim Jin-hwan, and the lyrics were personally written by the group's leader,Park Cho-rong. A Pink released their first studio album, [açbum artist=A Pink]Une Annee, on May 9. The group promoted the album by making weekly appearances on several music programs and performing "Hush". A Pink released their third single from the album, Bubibu, on July 6. The single was chosen by fans through an internet polling on Mnet's official website. The group began follow-up promotions for Bubibu on July 7. Fans have great respect for A Pink who performed in front of a massive crowd despite the pouring rain in the MNET One Asia Tour 2012 Smile Thailand concert at the Rajamangala Stadium in Thailand on October 4. 2013: Second Cube Project + Second Collaboration & line-up changes Eunji and Namjoo featuring Hyunseung of B2ST released the single from the project "A Cube For season # White" on January 3 to commemorate A Pink's win the year before and Eunji, Hyunseung and B2ST's successes that year. Later in January, A Pink also had second collaboration single with B2ST, titled 5! My Baby (Oh! My Baby) which is for the school uniform brand Skoolooks. On January 5, A Pink appeared at the AIA K-POP 2013 concert in Hong Kong and performed several of their hits along with other Cube Entertainment groups 4Minute and B2ST. On the 23rd of April, it was announced that member Yookyung left the group to focus on her studies. A CUBE announced that she is to be replaced by a new member, who is expected to start promoting with the group for their comeback, expected to be in June. But recently, at A Pink's interview in a university, Yoon Bomi confirmed that A Pink will push their comeback in July. However, their was no official statement from A Cube Entertainment. Members: Chorong Birth Name: Park Cho Rong (박초롱 / 朴初瓏) Birthday: March 3, 1991 Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper Height: 163 cm Weight: 46 kg Language: Korean Blood Type: O Specialty: Dancing, Hapkido Bomi Birth Name: Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미 / 尹普美) Birthday: August 13, 1993 Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist Height: 162 cm Weight: 45 kg Language: Korean Blood Type: O Specialty: Cheerleading, Taekwondo, Dancing Eunji Birth Name: Jung Eun Ji (정은지 / 鄭恩地) Birthday: August 18, 1993 Position: Main Vocalist Height: 163 cm Weight: 47 kg Language: Korean Blood Type: B Specialty: Singing, piano Naeun Birth Name: Son Na Eun (손나은 / 孫娜恩) Birthday: February 10, 1994 Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual Height: 168 cm Weight: 47 kg Language: Korean Blood Type: O Specialty: Dancing, Acting Namjoo Birth Name: Kim Nam Joo (김남주 / 金南珠) Birthday: April 15, 1995 Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper Height: 165 cm Weight: 46 kg Language: Korean, English Blood Type: B Specialty: Singing Hayoung Birth Name: Oh Ha Young (오하영 / 吳夏榮) Birthday: July 19, 1996 Position: Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper Height: 169 cm Weight: 46 kg Language: Korean Blood Type: O Specialty: Singing, Dancing Former Member: Yookyung Birth Name: Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경 / 洪瑜暻) Birthday: September 22, 1994 Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper Height: 167 cm Weight: 48 kg Language: Korean, English Blood Type: AB Specialty: Piano

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