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Formed in the UK in 1991 by Patrick Morsman and Stefan Pierlejewski. Some initial tracks were published on Waveform Records "Ambient Dub" compilations. Synaesthetic was published in 1993 with Patrick departing some time after that. In 1996, Stefan began working on a second APL album with Liam Farrell. Equipment failure led to the loss of the entire work, barring a couple of demo tracks. Since then, he has recorded using a number of aliases: Sneaky Alien “Bluestream” on Global Underground’s “Sasha in San Fransisco”, as The Soundsystem on Christopher Lawrence’s “Trilogy, Part One: Empire” and more recently as Metatron remixing Robbie Williams “Sin Sin Sin” and Deep Sound remixing Fat Freddy’s Drop “Cays Crays”. Work is believed to be underway on a new APL album. (source: http://www.myspace.com/apositivelife)

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