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A-Rühm is an Estonian rap group born in 1998. The founder of this band is DJ Critikal - considered as the best (also the first?) hip-hop DJ in Estonia. Members : DJ Critikal, Kozy, Genka & Cool D. Revo participated on their first album "Laulmata Jäänud Laulud" (Sonogram/A-Rühm 1999 & Mindnote Records 2006 [Re-Release]). Their new album, called "Leegion", was released in 2006 by Mindnote Records which is owned by DJ Critikal. Including several Estonian artists (Tanel Padar, TommyBoy, Pervo Art Ochestra of Symphony, Revo, Markus from Metsatöll) and a track (Hit y'all) featuring Grand Agent from Brooklyn NYC... more info @ http://mindnote.ee/artistid.php?id=5 (Estonian website) They have also done videos for their songs "Palmisaar" & "Tugitooli Gängster"

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