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A Second of June are a French Shoegazer band from Strasbourg, France. The band is composed of Greg P. (voice & guitars), Oli S. (bass & synthesizers), Elsa L. (keyboards & voice) and Josh M. (drums & keyboards). While the sound "New Continent" of the first LP SHYinc. echoed the American influences of the group's name, THE INSIDE LAWS appears as the place for a new confrontation, not in the least abstract or theoretical, rather vibrant and imposing . One that testimonies of an encounter between the harsh lyrism of the beginning and a cerebral, hypnotic and very European coldness. Recorded at Studio Növalis in the Vosgian fog between February and July 2008, the first album of the Strasbourgers captures the space and the spirit of the place, its wilderness, its reverberation, its vast melancholy; urban music haunted by the torments of the surrounding nature, midway between the gravity of first snow falls and the electric thumping of a horse before storm. Inside this romantic setup, submerged by tension, are the dusky pop tunes questioning the place of the individual in the world? Are they dissecting social mechanisms, love affairs, the passage of time and of beings? Are they mixing the singularity of one's experience to the universality of the feeling of anguish? Are they proposing a magic vision of emotion and of deceitful feelings? A tragic but amused perception of the torments of existence? What about A Second of June? Is it a date? Is it a moment? It is, no doubt, a lie. A spatial and temporal chasm in which the listeners dive, some pages from a personal diary they enter to finally unveil their own reflection.

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