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There are at least two projects using the alias A State Of Mind: 1) A State of Mind is a Polish Trance/Progressive producer team comprised of Michał Grzybek, Piotr Augustyniak & Dawid Stróżycki. 2) The one with the following introductory text: "ASM stands for A State of Mind, and ASM productionz is an independent label doing its best to pro- mote a new positive state of mind in hip hop and to explore the various creative tangents that have branched off from it, as well as those from which it originated. People tend to have a very narrow view of what hip hop is about, and equate it with what they see on MTV and hear on commercial radio. Based upon what the general public is force-fed by the Network Corporations that unfortunately have a near monopoly on the market these days, its hardly surpris- ing that most people think of chauvinism, violence, superfi ciality and consumerism when they hear the words Hip Hop. A State of Mind is on a mission to destroy this conception. For ASM, hip hop is about music and creativity and love, and always has been and always will be. In the world of music, its the real hip hop that will survive even decades after the artists are gone, not the plastic on TV thats been marketed to success. Remember that, and don't loose your faith in the art. Peace, and keep the movement alive!"

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