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The Reason Faith & atonement... two words that move some to revulsion and others fascination. Some have killed thousands over these words. Others have healed multitudes. Opinions regarding these terms are beyond polarized, so much so that apathy for many has become the path of preference. Nonetheless, even to the most indifferent of us, these terms still hold water. A Thousand Times Repent, is a narrative of these divisions. Simply stated, we are six who have chosen to embrace the notion that there exists something far beyond ourselves. We are both aware and openly acknowledge our flaws and many blemishes. However we have decided that floundering in our faults is a road too often traveled. So… we chronicle our journeys, recounting our hopes and fears, triumphs and defeats. Our art is our diary… good days and bad. Yet, ultimately embracing the unending love of God and unparalleled sacrifice of Christ as our refuge and fortress. In the end every person’s freedom of will, escorts their choices… steers their heart. And for us, our will has ushered us into the arms of our God, the keeper of our hearts No hidden agendas. No grey matter. Just our humble opinions. A Thousand Times Repent

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