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A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS A Traitor Like Judas have come a long way since their origin almost 10 years ago. Being one of the European lighthouses when metalcore emerged as the next big thing, the band later on almost disbanded over their agonizing line-up changes. However the “band-soul” composed of an infinite passion for playing heavy music, a nonbreakable will to play as many shows as possible and a deeply rooted friendship between the band members remained untouched through all these years.  A Traitor Like Judas’ major “restart” in 2010 is marked by one single, unifying cause: to create the most intense and powerful metal- and hardcore album of their career and that is exactly what ‘Endtimes’ (Swell Creek / Acuity.Music) became. Within only a couple of weeks the band was flooded with show offers, frenetic fan response and consistently positive press feedback. A Traitor Like Judas also played more than 30 intense shows within the 4 months after the album release date, reclaiming Europe’s stages, returning to where they belong, entraining old fans and new ones. To tie in with their regained success A Traitor Like Judas teamed up with their longtime friends and labelmates Maintain to create one of the hottest and enthralling split-releases in 2011: ‘Lifetimes’. This full length release is a veritable masterpiece of metal/core hymns - incredibly heavy with an intoxicating hardcore spirit, magnificent technical finery and fraught with absolutely uncheesy melody. All slickly produced by the hands of metal-mastermind Kristian Kohlmannslehner at Kohlekeller Studios. ‘Lifetimes’ simply became an album that must be heard. A Traitor Like Judas could not be more present as they are right now. There is no chance or  reason to avoid this band, just join them on their mission. These are their lifetimes, so let’s go! Members:  JASPER - VOCALS KEVIN - GUITAR SÖREN - GUITAR TILLMANN- BASS JOCHEN - DRUMS

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