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A Troop of Echoes shelves the self-important melodrama and delivers finely-crafted rock songs with addictive melodies, informed by exploratory harmony and the noisy experimentalism of Providence, RI. The brutal meets the beautiful. Their debut LP “Days in Automation” was released on May 29th, 2010. It can be streamed at: http://atroopofechoes.bandcamp.com Press: “…(a) hybrid of post-rock/free jazz/and sundry avant-garde…(A Troop of Echoes) enjoys melting minds with squalls of noise set against lush textures and skronking improv.” -Bob Gulla Providence Phoenix “…(a) proggy blend of modern indie rock and jazzy elements like A Love Supreme-style sax and skittering drums… Your mind will simultaneously be blown and sucked through some magic neon paper towel roll/funnel/jazz-tube, thing.” -Eric Smith Providence Daily Dose Contact: Web: www.atroopofechoes.com Email: band@atroopofechoes.com From Providence, Rhode Island; formed in 2004.

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