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A-wak biography

Alexander Wakim, better known as A-Wak, is a young Hardstyle producer/DJ and has been creating electronic music since the age of 12. He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, but lived in Dubai for most of his teenage years. A-Wak was infected by the hardstyle virus at the age of 15, where his cousin and brother began exposing and introducing him to the genre. Ever since, his passion for Hardstyle grew immensely to an extent to which he has been producing professional quality music since the age of 16. From this point on, A-Wak began eating, sleeping and breathing Hardstyle. At the age of 17, A-Wak returned to Melbourne at the beginning of 2009. He began to realise the popularity increase and constant growth of the Hard Dance scene within Melbourne. A-Wak decided to send his demos out to a few labels, and several were keen to release his tracks based on the promos that they had heard. These labels realised his talent and promising future potential. However, he chose to pursue "Blutonium Records" as he believed their personal and professional standards were perfectly synergised with his own values and goals. A-Wak has a unique production style, mixing catchy riffs with pumping basslines and euphoric melodies. This will certainly catch the attention of the hardstyle industry, followers and fans.

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