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There are two bands named "Aan". 1 is from Portland, OR. 2 is from Finland. 1. Aan is Bud & friends from Portland, OR. Aan’s Portland, Oregon home has been the band’s sonic forum since the fall of 2006, when songwriter Bud Wilson first started recording under the bedroom moniker “Amor Ad Nauseum”. As the songs tightened and enriched, it was necessary for the outfit to expand in number. Texas transplant Reese Lawhon and Oregon native Jon Lewis lay the foundation for Wilson's vocal gymnastics. In 2010 Aan released it's first official recording, "I Could Be Girl For You". The springtime brought Aan across the country to travel up an down the east coast in support of it's latest release, the 7" single "Somewhere's Sunshine". With a full length scheduled for release in 2011 Aan look to be a band on the rise. 2. Aan are the Finnish drone duo of Uton (Jani Hirvonen) and Kulkija (Jari Koho); assisted by Veli-Matti from Kutomo, and Kristiina from the moon. "Beautifully barren investigation of subliminal dream sonorities from the subterranean duo of Uton and Kulkija. The sound of thick waves of light slow-combing the furrows of your brain or rust-coloured sunlight penetrating deep into the heart of the wood. Painstaking, intimate, time-jarring improvisations, somewhere between early-TG's planetary rituals and Mirrorís standing waves." — Volcanic Tongue

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