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Abdomen Burst is a rising star in the exploding Russian progressive scene. He first garnered attention with his 2008 debut release on Morphosis Records, and is poised to break out with his upcoming release on Toes in the Sand. Music runs in the family -- his father was a drummer in a live band, influencing the breakbeat rhythms in Abdomen Burst's productions. Combined with atmospheric sounds and beautiful melodies, his work contributes to the current renaissance of progressive breaks, as well as helping to establish Russia as a major force in the dance music world. Releases: MORPHA02 Abdomen Burst - Morning stars (original mix) Upcoming Releases: Abdomen Burst - So many hopes (original mix) !!!!!21May2009 East Cafe - Come to me (Abdomen Burst desert mix) Abdomen Burst - Syntagma (original mix) Sky in your hands EP - Silk digital Abdomen Burst - Moments of Love Abdomen Burst - Sky in your Hands

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