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There are three artists with this name: 1. Abel is a four-piece indie rock band from Poughkeepsie, NY. 2. Abel is also a five-piece acoustic / pop band from Breda, The Netherlands. 3. Abel is also the name of a Spanish jazz / funk band from San Francisco, CA. 1. Abel is a four-piece indie rock band from Poughkeepsie, NY. The band formed in November 2008 and released their debut EP, The Honest Love, on September 1, 2009 through Dreamt Music / Facedown Records. Abel's first full-length record, Lesser Men, was released on October 19, 2010 through Come&Live! Their second full-length record, Make It Right was recorded by producer Matt Malpass and independently released on September 18, 2012. The album was a critical success, being awarded "Best New Music" by Sputnik Music and earning the band a place on AbsolutePunk's "Absolute 100" for 2012. Abel's current line-up is: - Kevin Kneifel (Vocals / Guitar) - Dan Bishop (Guitar / Keys) - Alex David (Bass) - John Rell III (Drums) 2. Abel is a Dutch acoustic / pop band from the city of Breda. The band was formed in 1996 as a cover band called The Acting Crowd. After many line-up changes, the band now has 5 members: - Joris Rasenberg (Vocals) - Tim Eijmaal (Guitar) - Bas de Groot (Bass) - Eric Smans (Keyboards) - Jasper van Hulten (Drums). In 2000, Abel's song Onderweg reached #1 for several weeks on the Dutch charts. That same year, the band released it's debut album, titled De Stilte Voorbij--which means "Past The Silence". In 2002, the band released it's second album, titled Doen & Laten--which translates to "Live & Let Live". 3. Abel is the name of a jazz / funk band from the San Francisco Bay area fronted by Abel Sanchez. The band released an album called Please World in 1971. The line-up for this release was: - Abel Sanchez (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Producer) - David Spediacci (Saxophone, Vocals) - Charles Bolds (Bass) - Tom Catalano (Drums) - Larry Chiesa (Trumpet, Vocals) - Russ Gary (Engineer) After a considerable hiatus, Sanchez released the album "Frisco Project" in 2002 under the Abel moniker, supported by his band The Prophets.

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