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Abnormal biography

There are multiple bands with this same name: 1) Abnormal is a filthy dubstep artist from Southampton, UK. 2) Abnormal was a melodic punk rock band from Pazin, Croatia. 3) Abnormal is a brutal death metal band from Russia, St. Petersburg. 4) Abnormal is a norwegian metal band. Started out in 2000. Recorded first demo in 2004 and are currently working on new material. 5) Abnormal is a primitive german black metal band. Started in 2006, curently working at the first 4 song demo. 6) Abnormal is a swedish d-beat/hardcore/grindcore band. Started in 2006. 7) Abnormal is an English Oi! band. Existed for a couple of years in the mid-80s. Self-description was 'a herbert band into football'. Only vinyl appearance was half of the Split LP with Barbed Wire. Rumours say the band did reform in 1998. 8) Abnormal is an America Hip Hop producer. His music is influenced by J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Dibia$e. http://iamabnormal.bandcamp.com/album/speaking-in-midi 9) Abnormal is a Belgian rock/punk-rock band. Started in 2014 with some classic rock covers, and writing their own songs right now (oct 2014) https://www.facebook.com/hanenaxel?fref=ts

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