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Abominable Putridity is a death metal band from Moscow, Russia. The band formed in 2003 by Alexander (Drums) and Pavel(Former Guitarist). Material for full-length album was actually done in 2004 but the band had some serious line-up troubles and even were about to break-up. The fixed line-up was formed only in 2006 and 8 tracks material were recorded. Now they are signed with Lacerated Enemy Records (Czech) and released their debut full-length album "In The End Of Human Existence" in January 2008. Currently they are signed Brutal Bands records for multiple albums. Former vocalist Vladimir left the band and, for a short period of time, Cameron "Big Chocolate" Argon (Disfiguring the Goddess, Burning the Masses, Malodorous, ...) was the vocalist until he was replaced Matti Way. In 2011, they began work on their new album "The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin", which was released January 26th 2012.

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