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Abs biography

There are four artists with the name Abs: 1.) Richard Abidin "Abs" Breen (born June 29, 1979 in Enfield, London) is an English DJ and musician, formerly a singer and rapper in the boy band Five. He released a solo album, Abstract Theory in September 2003, which included his three singles, "What U Got", "Stop Sign" and "Miss Perfect (Feat. Nodesha)". 2.) ABS is a german hiphop crew from Bochum in the western region of Ruhrpott. It consists of the MC's Ercandize and Short and DJ's discopolo and Salicious. 3.) ABS was an Estonian punk band, formed 1984 in Tallinn, Estonia. Since 1985 basically the same band was known as kulo. 4.) ABS is an electronic artist from Hungary.

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