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There are, at least, two artists with this name. 1) Electro-Industrial project from Chemnitz, Germany, founded in 1994 by Dirk Steyer. Right after Kay Resch followed his musical inspiration and joined the project. Inspired by Electro-/Techno-Acts of the early nineties, 1996 Accessory themselves published a first tape: "Electronic Controlled Mind". Half a year later followed the official limited CD-release of "Electronic Controlled Mind" on the small label SD-Image. Further followed in self-release 1998 the tape "Injection". At the end of the millennium Ivo Lottig joined the band Accessory. From now onwards he was a good support live as well as in the studio. In springtime 2000 Accessory went on tour through Germany for 3 weeks with AND ONE. At this time Kay Resch split up from the band and Jukka Sandeck came as the new third man. Right after the label-contract with the record company OUT OF LINE followed. So, it happened that at the beginning of the year 2001 the first really official album "" was released and it excited the German electro-scene as well as the international scene. Directly after the release the band had a tour again through Germany with Terminal Choice. At the end of 2001 the EP "Deadline" was released, which brought up the Hit-Song with the same name Deadline". The breakthrough was done, what was also stated at the tour of 5 weeks with Hocico in March/April 2002. Everywhere, at home and in foreign countries Accessory excited its audience. At the end of 2002 Accessory published the Single "I say go", which was pioneering for the album "Titan", what was released in May 2003. Titan successfully continued the style and trend of Accessory ... and gave the band an enormous growth of new fans all over the world. In December 2003 Jukka Sandeck leaves the band because of professional reasons. However, it went on straight foreward. A new album "Forever & Beyond" came out in April 2005. The first pressing of the album was released in a glamorous digipak inclusive a bonus CD with special songs and videos. Afterwards a short production break followed in which mastermind Dirk finished a one year training as sound engineer. But in spring 2007 Accessory came back in concentrated energy as usual with the song “Ewigkeit”. Just a few months later the EP “Holy Machine” was released under Out of Line Music in August 2007. At the same time Ivo Lottig left the band because of job-related reasons. In autumn 2007 Mike Koenigsberger accompanied Accessory. Together they finished the work on the latest album “More than Machinery” which was released in March 2008. Official Band Website 2) A death/thrash metal band from Hagen, Germany, released a 5 track-demo and the album "Within Your Mind" in 1992. They changed their name to Colour Trip in 1993.

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