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There are 3 known bands called Accolade. ACCOLADE 2006-present: Accolade is an up-and-coming San Francisco based band that began its engaging journey in 2006. With a foot each in the classical world as well as the rock world, singer Stefanie Reneé and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Goldstein have united to create dark and hauntingly beautiful compositions. They currently play live shows in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas of California (USA). In 2009, Accolade was included on UK’s experimental legend Attrition's cover album 'Wrapped in the Guise of My Friend', released on Two Gods Records(UK) and Wax Trax II (USA, Canada, & Mexico). In 2012, Accolade released its first full-length album, 'Festivalia'. This album, weaving enchanting melodies and carnival themes, features Stefanie's ethereal coloratura soprano vocals and Aaron's epic and intricate command of the antique reed organ, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, drums and percussion. Included are twelve original compositions, as well as a cover of “Black Flame” by 70’s progressive rock legend Renaissance. Accolade has been described as ALTERNATIVE, GOTHIC, ETHEREAL, DARKWAVE ACCOLADE 2000-2009: Accolade are a five-piece melodic indie/rock band with members hailing from the cities of Leeds/Bradford and Halifax in the UK. ?With influences ranging from the modern, rockier sounds of Incubus, Audioslave and Span to the timeless classics of the Beatles and Pink Floyd, Accolade's main focus is their songwriting and catchy choruses, incorporating an intricate level of musicianship into their songs. Recently the band has added talented front-man and songsmith Nick Evans to their line-up. This addition has given the band a new lease of life, and has taken the sound and energy to a new level. With an ever-increasing fanbase both locally and on the internet, the band has achieved over 60,000 plays on MySpace and is now beginging to secure support slots for signed bands at some of Britian's most reputable venues. Vocals: Nick Evans Guitar: Chris Crookes Keys: Paul Ainley Bass: Jonny Whelan Drums: David Zdanowicz ACCOLADE 1969-1971: ACCOLADE were a short-lived band (1969-1971) whose musical emphasis was on combining acoustic instrumentation and light jazz/fusion arrangements with bucolic British folk lyrics and sensibilities. They released just two albums and a single in their brief tenure, though managed to tour throughout most of their active existence. The original lineup consisted of woodwind player Brian Cresswell, singer/guitarist Gordon Giltrap, drummer Ian Hoyle and guitarist Don Partridge. The band's first album included their most lasting contribution to music in the form of a version of American bassist eden ahbez' (aka George Aberle aka Eden Abba) "Nature Boy", a languid and complex folk tale first recorded by NAT KING COLE in the 1940's, and since covered more than seventy times, including by MILES DAVIS, HARRY CONNICK JR, CELINE DION, JAMES BROWN, JOSE FELICIANO, the GATHERING's Annie Haslam, and most recently by the Greek psych band WILL-O-THE WISP. The song has charted as a single five times in that period. Pool would depart the band after a 1970 tour incident in Sweden involving Partridge, touring briefly with COLOSSEUM before leaving the music business altogether for a career in graphic design (Giltrap had already left by that time and would go on to a lucrative solo career). Guitarist Wizz Jones would join for the band's second album, which was released only in the UK; and they dissolved shortly after its release. ACCOLADE existed but for a brief period and failed to achieve popular success despite a wealth of individual talent in the group. Their recorded legacy however, earns them a place in the Progarchives and is a collection well worth seeking out A flute and folk guitar together, similar to a well sung Jethro Tull. Maybe I'm just a sucker for flute - I don't know - but to me this is yet another excellent slice of early 70's UK psych folk. If you like flute-dominated acoustic progressive psych/folk, you can't go wrong with this.

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