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Acda en de Munnik is a successful band in The Netherlands. Thomas Acda and Paul de Munnik met at the Amsterdam Academy of Cabaret, where they decided to work together to make a theatre show. They arranged their first show after Thomas convinced a producer of their talents. The producer initially didn't want to listen to any of their work, but Thomas was persistent. Eventually the producer asked Thomas about his strongest line of text. Thomas said, "Als je bij me weggaat, mag ik dan met je mee" (If you leave me, can I come with you), which convinced the producer. [edit: he convinced "Huub van der Lubbe" (front man of "de dijk") to give him lessons in lyric writing, as far as i know not his producer. They convinced their producer by playing at his office in stead of handing over a demo] The audience of their first theatre shows appreciated the songs they wrote specially for the shows. These shows were released in 2002 on the 3-CD box "Trilogie". The three shows are "Zwerf'on" (Wander On, 1996), "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans - John Lennon" and "It's only cabaret but I like it". The theatre shows have comedy elements, but they contain serious stories as well. Themes of Acda en de Munnik's music and theatre work are love, broken-heartedness, enjoying life and fulfulling youth dreams. In the summer of 1998, they had their breakthrough-hit with 'Niet Of Nooit Geweest’. Several succesful albums followed, whilst still making shows and even a "Rock Opera", 'Ren Lenny Ren' which was accompanied by the album 'Liedjes van Lenny'. On the 23th of November 2007 Acda en de Munnik released their new album "Nachtmuziek". At the release of this album they stated they sought to go back to their musical "roots": making music as they started back in 1998, without a big orchestra, mainly using drums, guitar, piano and vocals only. As for the beginning of 2008, it seems like Nachtmuziek can't approach the great succes of the first four studio albums. In 2014 they announced their split live on Dutch TV. Their official site can be found at

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