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Acen Razvi (real name Syed Ahsen Razvi) was an early 1990s UK rave and hardcore breakbeat techno producer. It was with Production House that Acen released his first hit 'Close Your Eyes', which instantly became a hardcore breakbeat anthem. In quick succession Acen released tunes such as 'Trip II the Moon','Window In The Sky', and his debut album '75 Minutes' ( US release ).'Trip II the Moon' is Acen's landmark release, its popularity in the club scene ensured that only a trilogy of remix releases could satisfy public demand. It remains a key record in DJs' record boxes to this day, Even though Acen's releases were not licensed to majors, remaining on Production House, 'Close Your Eyes' went on to be Music Week's Dance Single of the Year and 'Trip II the Moon' went Top 40 in 1992. He wrote produced & remixed numerous club anthems on Production House along with producer Floyd Dyce.These included legendary acts such as 'Brothers Grimm','DMS','Baby D','House Crew' & 'X-Static' Later Acen experimented with Drum 'N' Bass Releasing tracks such as 'No more' & '116.7' on Warners Subsidiary F-111. More recently however , he can be seen behind the lens directing/cutting films & music promo's. Acen's lastest release 'Dirty Raver' ( 2004 ) appeared on Rennie Pilgrems TCR label of which , the video was also directed by himself.

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