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As featured by Darth & Vader, Lazy Rich, Paul Oakenfold, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, and many more. ♠ Tiesto's Club Life 218 ♠ Paul Oakenfold's Planet Perfecto 45 ♠ Aoki's House Episode 22 ♠ Lazy Rich Show April, July, August, September 2011 {The level of intricacy in Barnett’s production is unquestionably on the level of recent artists such as Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Mord Fustang, and Lazy Rich himself. If you’re a fan of any of these guys, you’re going to love this.} - {A pioneer of sound, his tracks operate at a higher-state-of-consciousness. Complex in nature, the rhythms pulsate with distinct, isolated beats – but all the while, always remain true to their harmonious cadence.Barnett always seems to know exactly when to insert a sensuous vocal, offering a perfect juxtaposition to any implied disposition.} - Acetronik continues to focus on several productions that will become a foundation for his sound and live show.

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