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Formed in 2007 and consists of friends making music about life, girls, muscle, cars, work and other things. The first album, strictly old school ebm and anhalt ebm in style, was released on Electric Tremor in June 13th 2008. It was called "Straight On" The second album "Love, Hate 'n' Rage" released in March 2009 and showed the same old school sound, but with more advanced and experimental compositions. The third album has been in the works since then and is ready for release in autumn 2014. A.D.A.C. 8286 by this time has mixed influences from other genres into their music, namely psychobilly, boogie, and farther experimentation. The band however remains true to the raw sound of anhalt EBM with energetic punk attitude. Other music connections: White Trash Wankers and Stechschritt. A.D.A.C. 8286 has also done countless remixes for other bands in EBM, both newer ones and older known bands.

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