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Addiction Crew were formed in 1996. Two years later the band released ’Doubt The Dosage’ (featuring Sepultura’s drummer Igor Cavalera on the track ’Inside’) greatly reviewed from local/european press. The ’Dosage Tour 2002’ was about 40 shows touching Italy, Switzerland and France with amazing audience response, while the video for the single ’Download’ got endless airplay on MTV Italy and RockTV. Addiction Crew spent the first 9 months of 2003 to compose and record their turning-point new album titled ’Break In Life’, mixing Modern Metal with R&B music. After reaching a deal with new manager Emiliano Lanzoni, Addiction Crew got signed with Earache Records for a worldwide multi-album contract. First Single and Video coming out was the track ’What About’ (featuring new female vocalist Marta) reaching No. 10 on Spain’s MTV rock chart and No. 4 on Belgium’s TMF essential rock chart. On 2005, while the band was on tour, ’Break In Life’ reached No. 1 on Jaapan’s HMV bestseller rock chart. Though the album’s strong potential, Earache Records seems to be unable to properly promote the band and, on February 2007, while writing new material, Addiction Crew parts ways with the english label. On early 2008 the new album is ready, "Lethal" is reportedly more aggressive and metal-oriented than its predecessor, produced and mixed by ADDICTION CREW’s guitar player/producer Alex Guadagnoli and UK’s uprising producer James Dunkley (already engineer for the likes of Sabbat, Soil, Blaze Bailey, American Headcharge and more). "LETHAL" will hit stores on June 6 2008 via Aural Music/SPV and June 4 in Japan via RB Records. A massive digital distribution is also fixed on June 4 2008.

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