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There are multiple artists with the name Administrator. #1 Administrator is the stage name of Nick Lane from Providence, RI. #2 Administrator is a Visual Kei band formed in June 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. In 2012 they announced will disband after their one-man live "trident in the Ace act ZERO" at Takadanobaba AREA at 2012/05/04. Administrator has four members; 芥 (Akuta) on vocals, 公佑 (Kousuke) on guitar, 卓也 (Takuya) on bass and 龍 (Ryu) on drums. In 2008, Administrator released two demos, "SELFISH CLOVER" and "手招く太陽" which was only avaliable for free download on their official homepage. On September 23th 2009, Administrator released their 1st single "A" on SPEED-DISK. Their 2nd single was out on December 23rd, entitled "Heart is...". On May 12, 2010, their 3rd single "喚情レイテンシー" was released. In autumn 2010, Administrator was signed to CLOUD Inc, and announced their 4th single entitled "Promise", which was released on December 8th. Official homepage:

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