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The History 1993 - 2006 After the foundation in 1993, Adorned Brood recorded two demo tapes on their own. A little German label called “Folter Records” got interested in the musical mixture of Heavy Metal, magic clean sounds and folk influences. Therefore the talented band got the chance to record their first studio album “Hiltia” in 1996. The feedback on the first album was awesome, and soon they recorded an new masterpiece, called Wigand 1998. Because of its limitations to 1000 pieces each, today both albums are rare to find and fans pay up to 90,00 Euros in Internet auctions. Disagreements with record labels and line up changes were dominating the following years, but also forged the band together in their will to carry on. Finally, under „Moonstorm Records“ Adorned Brood grew up to one of Germany’s most famous undergroand pagan metal acts. With their third album “Asgard” (2000), Adorned Brood released a milestone in the german pagan underground scene. With rising success, a cooperation with Lead singer Erik Hecht from Subway to Sally led to a together recorded song on Adorned Broods fourth album “Erdenkraft” in 2002. The hard work for both albums was rewarded with good critics, high ratings and interviews in nearly all important metal magazines. With support gigs on tour with “Subway to Sally” or on Festivals like “Summer Breeze Open Air”, “Partysan”, “Wave Gotik Treffen” or “Feuertanz Festival”, Adorned Brood convinced the metal fans with their unique folk-pagan style, pushing songs and often praised live performance. Now, Adorned Brood is concentrated on pre-productions for the fifth album, which again will represent the continuously musical growing and developing of Adorned Brood.

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