Adventure top 20 songs


Adventure biography

1) Adventure is 24 year-old North Carolina native and recent Baltimore transplant Benny Boeldt. His ultra-melodic synth compositions pull from his earliest exposure to the 16-bit soundtracks of the Sega Genesis video game catalog. But it's not just retro video game music. Mix in the kitschy Moogy sound of Hot Butter's "Popcorn", the saturated disco-theatrics of late seventies electro-pop acts like Sparks and Yellow Magic Orchestra, and a penchant for Eastern European diminished scales and you've come pretty close to Adventure's accelerated baroque sound. Adventure is an advanced, dance-floor friendly take on the music of early video gaming. Let the epic quest for the master sword begin! 2) Adventure is a progressive rock band from Norway. Band members (working at album Beacon of Light): Odd-Roar Bakken - Keyboards, Synths, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Mandolin Terje Flessen - Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Rhytm Guitars and Bass Vebjørn Moen - Lead and Backing Vocals Henning Mjøen - Lead and Backing Vocals Eva Cecilie Bjerkhoel - Backing Vocals Magnus Forsberg - Drums Kristian Resell - Drums Mari Haug Lund - Flute, Backing Vocals Cathrine Larsen - Backing Vocals Bente Fossnes - Backing Vocals

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