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Aelpeacha biography

He lives in Joinville-le-Pont (called "Splifton") since 1986 where he owns the studio Delaplage since 1995. He creates the Club Splifton in 1997 with the twins Tic and Tac, Négresse Pat, Thug Babtou, GG, MSJ (both from Yusiness), Dim Bull and the comedian Fabrice Eboué, and then the CSRD (a group formed of the Club Splifton and Reservoir Dogues) in 1999. After two records he has now become a solo artist but still collaborates with different artists for one off records (J'L'Tismé, MSJ). He has produced and written for seveal artists such as Stomy Bugzy, Southcide 13, J'L' Tismé, Driver, 4.21, Les Sales Blancs, Seno, Tombokarnage, Bandana Music, Eskadron, Taro OG, Supa John, Marsha Kate, Lil Thug, etc...

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