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Aeoga biography

Aeoga is a ritual ambient project from Oulu, Finland, formed in 2004. They are part of the Helixes musical collective (along with Halo Manash, I.corax and others). Aeoga is a duo formed by Antti Haapapuro and Juhana Partanen, although the pair prefers to remain anonymous and let the music and artwork speak for themselves instead of focusing on the personnel involved. Their coarse drone ambient and abstract electro-acoustic tapestries are bound firmly together by intense collage artworks and automatic drawings that all strive to bring forth the inmost vision. The working methods of Aeoga have always reflected a genuine commitment to the intense and intuitive realization and creation. The sessions are based on a simple, but effective structure; to exhaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of heightened awareness and thus receive and realize material based on the primordial vision. Official website:

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