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Aliases: Avalon 6, The Ethyleen Project, Leander Rispens, LJF, Mirai Project In groups: Erander Aerium is Leander Rispens from Friesland, Holland. He has produced trance and ambient music since the age of sixteen. In 2006, he was launched into the spotlight when his debut release "Dolphins" was played three times on Armin van Buuren's popular ASOT trance radio show. Born in 1985, Leander was one of those kids who fell in love with electronic dance music via the radio. (You can probably still find (antique) MC tapes with tracks from 2 unlimited and Snap hidden deep inside the secret places of his bedroom.) By taking piano lessons, he quickly learned the basics of making music, such as chords, riffs, improvising, and so on. After the popularity of the house scene dropped, his attention turned briefly to rock/pop. But that changed when he heard the sounds of Rank 1, Chicane, and Cygnus X. Hopelessly in love with this music, he bought his first trance CD in 2000. After listening to CD’s and singles for years, he found playing piano wasn't challenging anymore. That fact – in combination with his love for trance music – made the synthesizer an obvious choice. His first MIDI sequencer followed, and with that came his first tracks. Equipped with both better hardware and software, Aerium’s productions have finally reached a professional level. Discography: [ Moonrising Records ] Aerium - Dolphins (incl serenade remix) Aerium - Human Symbiosis (incl vira remix) Mirai Project - Waterlove/Andes (incl kopi luwak remix) Vira - Fractured Existence (inc. The Ethyleen Project Remix) [ Aurora Digital ] Aerium pres. Avalon 62 - Walk in Pale Sunlight/ Waveskimmer [ Neuroscience Recordings] LJR - Dive in calm water (incl Christopher Manik remix) [ Ampire Digital ] Living Daylight - Laia (incl Robert Vadney, EDN & Liam melly remix) [ Bonzai Records/ Backlash Muzik ] The Ethyleen Project - Terra Vitalis (Massive Mix) The Ethyleen Project - Orca (incl. Macker remix) [ RealMusic Recordings ] Aerium - Terai (inc. Amex, Osip & Paul Miller remix) Aerium & Krivi - Forever Playing (inc. EDN, Airglow, Manual addicts & magdelayna remix) [ Falling Recordings] Aerium - Equatorial Spring [ Real legacy Records ] Vira and Aerium - Anastacia (Real legacy records) [ Emotive Sounds] bryant P - Purity (inc. Aerium remix) Albums: [ Futurestate Records ] Aerium pres. Avalon 62 - Alphanumeric (Album ) 1 Intro, Soundeffects 2 Sol (album version) 3 Fantasia Landscape 4 Mar 5 For Those Who Cared 6 Through shards of open fields 7 Macker - Eternity (Aerium pres. Avalon 62 remix) 8 Cloudrunner 9 High on wind, High on waves (feat. Anno) 10 Outro music

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