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Aeron Aether (Gábor Kovács) is a Hungarian composer, producer and a “researcher-experimentalist” of electronic sound. :) Besides studying electrical engineering, he dedicated his whole life to composing and listening music, which he lives and breathes. Unfortunately he studied music for only a few years, where he learned the tricks of playing cello, but what really impressed him were the synthesizers, realizing he could achieve stunning extraterrestrial sounds with this instrument. Always being interested in unusual, non worldly things, all that is unique, special, what makes you travel to other worlds and create strong, effusive emotions in any direction. Aeron experimented with almost every electronic style of music during his life, but has a strong affection towards live orchestra and symphonic music, which influenced him deeply, as movie soundtracks are most dear to him. He would gladly attempt composing soundtracks too, because the biggest challenge is to achieve composing music which match a certain emotional attitude. He assumed the name 'Aeron' after his last change of styles, and soon after his first release got out, he’s constantly getting remix requests, there was even a case when one of his productions got signed right after he started doing it, before anybody else heard it. His goal, is to produce an artist album in the near future, to assemble a semi electronic, semi live musical formation, composing soundtracks for films and continuously bringing more and more interesting music for us to enjoy.

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