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Aerostatic biography

Aerostatic is Terry Golob and Michele Darling, based in Brooklyn, NY. They compose and perform a hybrid style of electronic music that is atmospheric, ambient, microbeat and downtempo with breakcore/grindcore sensibilities. Aerostatic utilize artifacts of sound generated by digital and analog processes in conjunction with a variety of interactive technologies, to compose and design audio environments for performance, film, and installations. Their work has been featured in shows and festivals in the U.S., U.K., Italy, and Australia. Aerostatic perform regularly throughout New York City and Brooklyn. They have also played in Italy, Vienna, Argentina, Rhode Island, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Their piece "Continuous" was included on the ambient compilation CD, Beneath The Surface on Native State Records. Aerostatic also composed the soundtrack for the Hub Culture Retrospective: Antarctica DVD by Hub Culture, UK. Their new Digital EP 'Code' has recently been put out by Native State Records at Aerostatic also did a remix for the project 'Water Music Remixed' which is available on ITunes. It's a beautiful compilation by several cutting edge electronic artists who reinterpreted parts of Handel's Water Music.

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