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Aesthesys biography

Aesthesys is an instrumental outfit based in Moscow, Russia. What started as a one-man project back in 2007, has eventually evolved into a sextet performing post-rock music with ambient and neoclassical influences. links: official site | youtube | bandcamp | soundcloud facebook | twitter | Line-Up: Arsentiy Karpov, Dmitry Solopov, Eldar Ferzaliev, Ivan Lubiany, Victor Krabovich, Nickholas Koniwzski Discography: 2013 - Ascendere (EP) 2011 - Camera Obscura 2010 - Crossing The Shoreline (EP) 2010 - Lacus Hiemalis (EP) 2009 - Cold Light Of Skies That Never Existed 2008 - An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything (EP) 2008 - Demo

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