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Aeterna biography

There are three artists named Aeterna. (1) Aeterna is a new apocalyptic folk outfit from Germany, born in 2007. In the beginning it was intended to be the strictly personal musical outlet for founding member Birthe Klementowski, well-known from her artwork for Cold Meat Industry’s Desiderii Marginis, :Golgatha: and Dawn & Dusk Entwined, but the dynamics between Alpha and Omega brought forth something new. The dark and brooding atmospheres invoke the mood of decline and decay, a direct resemblance to the artist’s photography. The album ‘New Dawn’ ultimately presents 11 songs about the decline and rebirth of culture. Aeterna does not serve ideological pattern but presents the musical and visual output as an inspiration for the audience. Death is always the beginning of a new circle. Out of hopelessness arises a New Dawn. As the earth faces the end of resources and the destruction of nature, the loss of spiritual values and the total virtualisation of the all-day life, mankind experiences a self made inferno. We have to turn and find new ways… Aeterna is a prayer for these new ways. For new spiritual values to ignite the fire of enlightenment once more. To create something new out of the old roots. The Old Gods eventually may not return, but the Eternal Principle is still there. The music of Aeterna is based on ritualistic and shamanistic structures, mainly acoustic sounds, and invoking chants – all based on the dualistic principle of male and female energy – Alpha & Omega. Aeterna is a trans-modern, neo-shamanistic, animistic art project. A Luciferian hymnus to awake the New Dawn… (2) Aeterna is also a project by Mikaella Klyueva, born on April 18th, 1969 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She began taking piano lessons early in life, which was soon followed by first timid attempts at composition. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and Black Sabbath all were subjects of her vivid interest; but the strongest influence on her musical preferences was the German band City whose album Der Tatowierte left a lasting impression. In the 80s, while still pursuing her piano education, she acquired guitar techniques and began performing as guitarist with various underground Rock bands, as well as giving solo house concerts. However, her zest for Rock soon passed and gave way to experiments with Electronic music, inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre, Space, and especially Brian Eno. The 90s saw her composing music for stage and screen, creating film scores and sound design for theatrical productions in a variety of styles. Simultaneously she indulged her interest for academic composition and traditional music, particularly for the reconstruction of archaic tonal systems, and learned several folk instruments. She participated as composer and performer in wide-scale shows recreating ancient folk festivals. After a prolonged break, in 2006 she turned back to music-making devoting her full time to electronic club music. After some initial experiments in Goa Trance she has finally found a fulfilment in the intellectual tone of Minimal, Tech House, and Deep Techno. An unique interpretation of these styles stems from her open-mindedness and a deep interest in traditional, protocultural motives. 3) A progressive death metal band from Iceland formed in 2011. They released their debut album Eschaton in 2014.

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