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Aethra was formed back in the year 1994 in the city of Monterrey, México, having Beto Rojas (guitars), Alan Gómez (Bass), Ricardo J. Alvarez (guitars) and Daniel Pastor (drums and percussion) as the main original members. They started under many different band names and as a very austere band, but with a burning desire to stand out. While missing a lead singer, they set out to find the one person who could fill in for the position, throughout the years and after various changes on the drumming part, they finally came to a much more solid formation in 1998, with Dany Saenz, filling the ranks as lead vocals. The same year, they recorded a demo for the single "Someday" and a promising future could be seen, while playing at small venues, parties and a contest here and there, without getting any further. After some thinking, they decided to get a keyboardist, to widen the lenght and scope of their music. At Dany's request, René Almaguer entered the band and filled in for the position. After rehearsing and falling into despair, the band decided to go on a hiatus for a while and to get away from the business. It was in 2002 when they decided to get together and continue what was left unfinished, with new blood, vibes, wind and a lead singer, in the form of Walo Gómez. At the beginning of the year, Aethra put themselves in the recording studio to cut what would be their first demo, which would in turn help them go public. The demo was called "Valley of Dawn", including new material and some old songs that were in the closet for some time, such as "The Mountain Behind the Sky, Valley of the Dawn and Brave Sword, among others. In 2003, drummer Oscar Ortega Lankenau joined the band, completing the lineup thus far. Having melodic metal as a firm foundation, with a progressive touch and potent ballads, Aethra consider themselves as a band that will always remain true to their ideals of bringing the best of themselves and to leave everything for the dream of triumphing and if it's possible to reach the heavens, the same way a song says somewhere. Band Members Intoxicating Lineup: Rick J. Alvarez - Electric & Acoustic Guitars Rene Almaguer - Keyboards Alan Gomez - Bass Walo Gomez - Vocals

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