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Affect biography

1) American hip-hop group 2) Russian garage rock / old school rock band 3) Serbian hard rock / heavy metal band 3 - Affect are: Vukasin Brajić- Vocals Nemanja Anđelkovic- Guitar Darko Nikodijevic- Guitar Nikola Dimitrijević- Bass Željko Despić- Drums While he was on his third year of college, Vukašin Brajić moved from Negotin to Belgrade. Namely, in 2003 in Negotin, he met Darko Nikodijević and Nemanja Anđelković and they recorded earlier a few songs with a melodic metal-rock sound and decided to form a band, naming it "Affect". Since they didn’t have the lead vocal and, realizing that Vukašin is a good singer who loves music and plays the guitar, they asked him to join the band. In the summer of 2004, Vukašin recorded four songs with them. He liked the songs and quickly identified himself with them. In the early 2005, Affect was fully formed, after the bassist Nikola Dimitijević and the drummer Željko Despić joined the band. Due to the poor conditions, they worked on ten songs until the end of 2006. In the summer of 2006, they contacted Ognjen Uzelac, the director of "PGP-RTS" (label company), who offered to release Affect's promotional cd-single with two songs on it. In the fall of 2006, in studio 5 of PGP-RTS, they recorded two songs: "Read from my eyes" (in Serbian "Ništa više ne ostaje") and an instrumental cover of tradicional Serbian song "Ajde Jano", which they played in heavy-metal style. In April, 2007, they released promo-single in 150 copies. They performed live in Belgrade clubs where rock’n’roll was played, and with the help of "Beograd 202" radio, they also performed outside of Belgrade[6]. For many reasons, one being that Vukašin was the only one who wanted to pursue professional music career, Affect was put on "stand by" in late 2007. However, Darko Nikodijević and Nemanja Anđelković would still work with Vukašin on future projects as parts of his team.

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