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Multiple artists perform under this name: 1.) Uptempo Pop Punk / Melodic Hardcore from Cleveland, Ohio. They have 2 releases. A demo titled "Winter Demo 2011" released in January 2011. They also just released a 10 song full length called "Sleep On It" on July, 20th 2011. Bandcamp, Facebook. 2.) Ages is a Melodic Black Metal Band from Falun, Schweden. The band was formed in February 2011 by Andreas "Hvergelmer" Olander (Volturyon, ex-Evangeli) and Daniel "Eldhrimnir" Beckman (ex-Evangeli, ex-Slumber). To enforce the rigorous quality, AGES recruited Brice Leclercq (ex-Dissection, ex-Nightrage) a veteran bassist, renowned in the swedish metal scene. The discerning eye of BLACK LODGE RECORDS caught a glimpse of the faint glow that was AGES. Strengthened by this union, the flickering light will intensify, soon to burn like a beacon in the midst of the ongoing regression into the dark ages. The pyres will be lit early 2015 upon releasing "THE MALEFIC MIASMA" to the world. And so it was foretold. Official pages: Facebook, Youtube and Reverbnation 3.) Ambient/experimental/left-field producer from Santa Ana, CA. He's signed to Alpha Pup Records and HW&W Recordings. "Bryan - EP" out on Alpha Pup Records this October! Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud.

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