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Aggressive Soundpainters (A.S.P.) wield their acoustic brush with enormous energy over the stage and spray a wide palette of sounds of their audience and confront it with splashes of a multitude of genre. These five guys from Switzerland know how to justly transform their name into sound. Myk the expressionist (Lead Vocals), Hünique the fauvist (Guitars and Song writing), Thierry the surrealist (Sfx and 2nd Vocals), Mark the impressionist (Bass) and Sam the dadaist (Drums) can handle most styles associated with Modern Rock. A.S.P. was brought to life in the year 1998. In the beginning, individual band members often came and went, until the perfect formation was found during the recording of their 2002 demo-album “Crimson Vibes”. Shortly after, the new group started paying their dues in their first concerts together. Thus requests from various events started to be received. Only just a small inconspicuous band, they started to mutate into a local insider tip. Their musical spectrum encompasses Funk and Metal, Reggae and classical Guitar riffs, in short: Crossover. A.S.P treat their fans to energetic live-performances and forceful compositions. The songs for their new album started to take shape during rehearsals and live-performances, until they withdrew into a studio, in the summer of 2006 to record their debut-album. Whether the brushes are amply drenched in paint you’ll find out at their upcoming show. Check it out! Concerts with bands like: Underschool Element Spinal Cord Concussion (D) PX-PAIN (letzte Show ever) Sybreed DRY KILL LOGIC (US) Zürich / Torino Ophydian (I) Torino / Zürich Trickshot Keesel Mostly Harmless Think Vale Tudo Sick Out BLASTED Mesmerised Attack Vertical Figure of Six and much more... Locations: Abart ZH , Werk21 ZH , Open Air Herisau , Newbeat Festival Davos , Wasserwerk Bern , Alte Kaserne ZH , Dynamo Grosser Saal ZH , Soundfactory Torino Italien NOV 2006 , Millers Studio ZH , Salzhaus Winterthur , Club Hey ZH , D33 ZH , Stahlwerk Adliswil , Profitreff , Mean Machine Cafe Sion , Cosy Bay , Silver Club Payern , Cave du Manoir Martigny , and much more

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